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To me, PR means… (TOW1-2)


This is what a PR person’s position means to me:

As their named position suggests, their job is to relate to the public. They represent the company they work for in the most positive way possible and are the corporation’s face to the outside consumers. They find ways to reach out to their chosen demographic and appeal to their audience’s senses or sensibilities.

A PR person will work with the media and the press to find ways to make the public aware of their company and its offered products or services. They create strategies to get their business’s name out there and to garner loyal support from their targeted demographic. Inside the company, they may team up with, or be fully comprised of, the advertising/marketing and event planning departments, depending of the size of the company.

They are tasked with the professional maintenance and keeping up of the firm’s favorable image and relationship with the public. Whenever an unfortunate event occurs and an employee or someone associated with the business does something ugly that reflects badly on the company and its standards, it is the job of the PR person to work tirelessly to clean up the mess made upon the firm’s image. If the situation is not cleaned up appropriately or in a timely fashion, the effects on the company can be painful and damaging. This shows the high value of a PR person who has charisma with the public and possesses the wisdom and grace to prudently and discreetly deal with the ugly stuff and get the company out of the swamp of humiliation and embarrassment as quickly as possible.

They need to possess the wisdom of how people—such as their clients—think and react to negative situations. This knowledge would make them able to reply and cater positively to the cynical responses or the more willingly impressionable opinions by giving them information that indulges and appeases their want for something substantial and satisfying. Thus making PR personnel the potential savior of the company’s reputation and customers, catapulting it back among those in the competitive marketplace from its previously fallen state.