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Re: SEALLEN1’s September 13 post, “I’m too pretty to do homework”:

“I heard about this. It’s very sad because many girls of that age group are so impressionable and, as my friend commented when she heard about this, girls will often act like the shirt they are wearing. What happen to principles? Nowadays values and attitudes come from whatever t-shirt they happen to be wearing that day, not what precious values that should be in their hearts.
Shortly after JCP’s shirt, Forever21 came out with there own version: something like “Allergic to Algebra.” Of course, another outcry ensued against the store, they took the shirt out of their stock and critics were saying that they should have learned from the JCP incident.
It’s shocking that both companies would support this kind of message and sell the idea that a smart girl a) isn’t the pretty girl and b) is one of the worst things possible any pretty girl should be.”


RE: “Darth Vader Commercial” (9/20 Post) by KATELYN DRENCHEN

“I loved this! It made me laugh!  The music and the little boy’s (non-facial) reactions and body language told the whole story without any needed dialogue.
The VW people know: a cute little kid + a little humor + good music= SOLD!” (9/21)


RE: “I Just came to Dance!” (9/18 Post) By KATE HIGDON

“This was very interesting; I’ve never seen anything like this before.
 It was oddly refreshing for something coming from the fashion industry. I’ve gotten so used to almost ignoring models (while pitying them and their apparently depressing lives) all the time.
 Their appearance almost always says– no, screams– a lack of joy, life, strength and health.
 Sure, modeling might be or might have been their dream– but what’s a dream without a joy and a passion that shouts, “I’m alive and lovin’ it”?
 In my opinion, this commercial silently praises and speaks highly of the brand and agency for their break with tradition. They pretty much started to reestablish the trend, the stereotype, for advertising with models as something new and different. They showed real girls (and guys) goofin’ off and smiling– not all seriousness. They were relaxed and soft– not rigid and stiff.
 I enjoyed this vid. Thanks for showing it!
(Catchy title too– I wanted to know: what about “dancing”?
” (9/21)


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