If At First You Don’t Succeed, Then… Lie?!?


No offense to any Obama-supporters. Really.

I just thought this was funny.

Like with any important public figure, they’re will always be certain people waiting with a wolfish expectation for the next wrong thing, the next wrong move, the next untimely slip of the tongue. They wait, ready to pounce and tear you to pieces.

Now as this class is part journalism, there is a certain aspect of a job in this field that almost requires exposing the truth that may include going through layers of dirt. So finding something “ugly” about someone may be inevitable during journalistic research.

When I hear about something on the news or read pieces in tabloids, blogs or internet news feeds, I tend to make the involved person or persons into something bigger than they really are- a type of superhuman that has lost all vestiges of normal-ness. It sounds silly, I’m sure, but in my head, they are no longer a regular human being. They are President This or PopStar That;  Actress This or Athlete That.

 But these people ARE normal people who are simply given an opportunity and thrust into a spotlight where they come under such intense scrutiny of every little area of their lives.

I often have to remember this because I tend to be so quick to judge public figures, forgetting that they are under the severe and quite selective glare of the world’s judgment microscope. And sometimes the fragment (of the big picture) that we catch and the conclusion we make from that small snapshot is not exactly fair for them.

So many times, I think “Oh my goodness! How could they?!?!” or “I can’t believe they did that!” or “What in the world are they thinking?!”

But really I only know a fraction of the story and only see a piece of the whole puzzle. We don’t know what’s happening in their head. Most of the time, we don’t know their reasoning or circumstance behind what what they did or said. We have no idea what they’re dealing with and fighting with internally and externally. We don’t know the full extent on what they were raised to do or be.

That’s why we have grace. God had given us an over-abundance of HIS all-encompassing Grace. Who are we not to extend it to others?

Obama, as our president, has done and said many things that has angered me. And I’m so quick to judge him, even though that is CLEARLY stated in the Bible that that is the wrong thing to do.

As hard as it is for me to get into my head sometimes, there are reasons for what he does and says, including not always being entirely truthful… which is also just part of politics nowadays […which is another issue (Don’t get me started!) that I find absolutely maddening and sad.]

SLOW. To speak. To get angry. To assume. To JUDGE.

When hearing about stuff like this, I just need to learn how to slow down. Yes, he (our president) does MANY, MANY things that I’m not exactly crazy about (this is me being mildly nice in referring to anything involving President Obama), and in my opinion, he is very lost and quite misinformed about certain issues but my job is not to judge, attack and criticize the man himself, but to lift him up and under the Grace of our Lord.

For nothing (including a change of outlook for our country’s leader and a change of course for our nation) is impossible with God.


About Isa Ramos

ME: SEU Sophomore. Writer. Editor. Reader. Event Planner/Organizer. List-Maker. Floridian by birth. 50% Spain-ish. Amateur Athlete. Aspiring Chef. Servant-Leader. Daughter of the King of Kings. LOVE: Worship; a Fresh Fruit Salad; Storms, Breezes; Seashells, Waves, Sunsets; Autumn Leaves; a Camp Fire; My Family & Friends; The Holiday Season; Sparkling Christmas Lights; Disney Fireworks. ENJOY: Grilled Cheese; Traveling; Soccer, Frisbee, Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball; Watching the World Cup; the Olympics; Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwiches; Spanish Tapas; Chocolate-Covered Strawberries; Chocolate Cake. FAV. PLACES: Home, IKEA of Orlando, Sarasota, South Dartmouth, Newport, Mallorca, Barcelona; Epcot; KOBE' Steakhouse, The Cheesecake Factory. DREAM VACATIONS: Tahiti, Bahamas, Hawaii; Alaska, Canada; Italy, Sweden, Ireland; Israel; Colorado, California, North Carolina, New York.

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