So, tell me about your Camry…


I saw this article about the new “Camry Effect,” an effort by Toyota to create a community that love their Camrys, and give them a chance to brag about what good times they’ve had with/in them.

They created an interactive website for Camry owners to share their stories on how their Toyota “changed… [and] affected their lives” (in the words of the article).

“The Toyota Camry has been in the United States the past thirty years and in those years, people have created hundreds of thousands of memories with their Camry.

From road trips, to going to college, to first dates, Camry has been there to make memories with drivers and passengers. Now, Toyota wants to put all of these memories together for the world to see how much impact the Camry has had on owners.

The Camry Effect allows old and new Camry owners to come together and share in on the one thing that unites them all, the love of their Camry.”

When I read about this, the company’s recent “sticky” break, floor mat and gas pedal problems, plus the millions of recalls they’ve had to deal with the past couple of years, immediately came to my thoughts.

Although the issues were mainly with other models, such as the Prius, the timing and the blissfully conveyed “I love Toyota” attitude of this online endeavor seemed like a choice strategy to reestablish faith and confidence in the Toyota name.

I can just see a PR person for Toyota: “I know! <Lightbulb!> Let’s talk up the wonderful Camry to get the focus off of our issues with the others.” Again: like the Prius, for instance.

I think this is very clever: Talking up your strong aspects in order to downplay your weaknesses. Now, if this IS actually the purpose of this “Camry Effect” deal, then I just made a lucky guess.

Isa’s Note: I mean absolutely no offense whatsoever to any Toyota-Lovers, Camry-Owners or Prius-Possessors, please. Just taking advantage of the PR aspect of this situation. 🙂

Camry Effect Article :

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