“Weiner-Who?” (TOW4)


Weiner! Not wiener!

“Wiener who?” That, plus a weird look was the response I received when I asked my friend if she had heard of followed the news coverage of the congressman’s scandal (aka Weinergate).

I explained to my friend who this prime specimen and representation of American politics was and the reason his name became so widely talked about this summer.

For those of you who, like my friend, were not exactly up with the news and also have no idea who this guy is and what he did, allow me to fill you in a little bit.


Anthony Wiener, the democratic congressional representative of New York, was accused of having inappropriate relations and  communications through Facebook, Twitter and his phone with several women, including a…(SEU filter)…woman of questionable virtue…

People and a few of the girls he was involved that he was involved with came forward with evidence and more accusations.

Such a lovely woman...

Nancy Pelosi said  she was going to have to put his case before the Ethics Committee for a thorough investigation. Still, he held off on the truth, saying he’d face the investigation and keep his position in Congress, since he’s “innocent” and “did nothing.”

That’s what they all say.


Also, keep in mind that he just got married in July of last year (and by President Clinton, nonetheless; authorities are not even sure that’s allowed according to NY law).


His new wife, Huma Abedin, works as an aide to Hillary     Clinton and was traveling with the Secretary of  State      when this all broke out too.



These unhealthy habits and relations of his started before he got married however he continued in them afterwards.

You know one of the worst parts about the whole deal is?

It was rumored near the closing of this whole deal that his wife is pregnant. Poor kid. What a story that baby will have…


When this first broke through to the press and it began to spread like wildfire to everyone who could get a hold  of his name and use it at smear for his or her bagel that morning.


When this started, Representative Weiner had three options:

First, (what he did do): Lie, Lie, Lie and Lie again. Tell everyone that your Facebook and Twitter accounts have been hacked into, and your face has been photo-shopped onto the inappropriate pics. Then wait a week or so and THEN say, “Ok, You got me! I did it.”

I DIDN'T!! I DIDN'T DO IT! I DIDN'T--ok, I did.

If he wanted his name to be instantly known and familiar to his constituents and the rest of the world, then this was an excellent policy! If he cared anything at all about his reputation and if he never wanted his name to be part of a punch line, it was a terrible choice in the end. Dishonesty never ends very prettily.

Second, (what he did after): Continue to make excuses, and blubber like a fool at press conferences but promise that you and you team are working on it and getting help.

Lastly, (what he didn’t do): Tell the embarrassing TRUTH! Admit his poor choices and addictions (he IS human), step down with dignity, go check into a rehab facility, then come back when he’s better as a stronger, healthier and more rationally-stable person.

See, the thing about this whole deal is that I thought high-level politicians such as Wiener would have a PR mess-cleanup crew that would handle the mess discreetly and properly.

Doesn’t he have counselors and advisors and people for that kind of stuff?

I guess not.

I don’t know who was giving him his PR advice. Maybe he just chose to ignore whatever he was told to do or say.

Talk to the hand... or claw.

Or maybe the whole thing was just up to him.

Which might make sense.

Right before this scandal came out into the open, Weiner had pretty much become the strongest spokesperson for the Democratic Party, especially against the Tea Party. They kinda’ lost their best hitter.



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