Too Tedious of Social Networking? Why, Not a Problem! :-)


I found this to be somewhat humorous. It’s so true though!

What’s the easiest way to not waste time on all the sites??

Just don’t have them.

Oh the Horror! The Agony! And endless boredom! Whatever would we do with the hours in front of our computer screen?!?

(See Isa’s Note Below)**

No worries: I think we’d survive.


But we would make it. <Add hint of sarcasm and smirk here.>

It’s kinda’ like the story of the husband who came home from the grocery store, proclaiming to his wife excitedly that he saved X amount of money by taking advantage of not 1, but 5 BOGO (buy one, get one free) deals. The items purchased were not necessities, and were not even regularly family bought items, but sweets and treats. The wife looks at the frivolous (and somewhat fattening) items and replied that he would’ve saved even MORE money had he not even bought any of the items.

What’s the easiest way to save your money? Not spend it at all!

**(Isa’s Note: I sincerely apologize for the brief expletive at the very end of the video. This video in no way represents my own practices of language.)


About Isa Ramos

ME: SEU Sophomore. Writer. Editor. Reader. Event Planner/Organizer. List-Maker. Floridian by birth. 50% Spain-ish. Amateur Athlete. Aspiring Chef. Servant-Leader. Daughter of the King of Kings. LOVE: Worship; a Fresh Fruit Salad; Storms, Breezes; Seashells, Waves, Sunsets; Autumn Leaves; a Camp Fire; My Family & Friends; The Holiday Season; Sparkling Christmas Lights; Disney Fireworks. ENJOY: Grilled Cheese; Traveling; Soccer, Frisbee, Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball; Watching the World Cup; the Olympics; Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwiches; Spanish Tapas; Chocolate-Covered Strawberries; Chocolate Cake. FAV. PLACES: Home, IKEA of Orlando, Sarasota, South Dartmouth, Newport, Mallorca, Barcelona; Epcot; KOBE' Steakhouse, The Cheesecake Factory. DREAM VACATIONS: Tahiti, Bahamas, Hawaii; Alaska, Canada; Italy, Sweden, Ireland; Israel; Colorado, California, North Carolina, New York.

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