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Q: What are some ways that a PR practitioner can measure the effectiveness of a campaign? Also, discuss the importance of measurement.


With some quick research, in the matter of seconds, I found this article, “Measuring The Effectiveness of Your Advertising Campaign,” (Imagine that.) by a Jennifer Kathleen Phillips (a writer, publisher, teacher, artist and poet…).

She had done some research of her own and found out what a few PR people have to say in this area.

Mr. E. Pomerance* uses 5 topic areas to measure effectiveness: Profits, Sales, Persuasion, Communication and Attention. He also placed value on repeated exposure for recognition by consumers.

Two researchers, Lavidge and Steiner*, suggest recognizing and following the various stages of purchasing behavior of your clients. These stages can be identified as Awareness, Knowledge, Liking, Preference, Conviction and Purchase.

Kotler and Armstrong, also researchers, believe that evaluating, studying and researching communication and sales patterns and information is the best way.

Another article I found, Advertising Effectiveness? , provide a list of possible areas to look at: (rephrased in my own words, even added some commentary of my own.)

  • The amount of times people asked about the product.
  • The amount of times those questioning about the product, purchased it afterward.
  • Test awareness of brand and logo recognition.
  • Levels of repeat purchasing by clients.
  • How many customers you are able to keep.
  • If testing popularity, measuring demographics of purchasers, to test at where in the population to aim the marketing.
  • Compare previous sales of product without the implemented marketing tactics to the sales now with the advertising. Have they improved any?
  • Measure types of goods order by your clients; learn your companies strong points and what to promote for strong increase in sales.


Just by common sense, I gave a few of my own measurements:

  • A noticed increase in sales, purchases and revenue of your marketed product.
  • An increase in client traffic frequenting your website, business, or shop.
  • An increase in the amount of consumer contact through face-to-face encounters with personnel, phone calls, emails, and online inquiries on company website or other sites like
  • Seeing interest and popularity of product by other venders like Amazon; also looking at customer reviews done by, say, these Amazon buyers.
  • Test brand awareness in a group of consumers and clients, through polling or other methods.
  • The increased amount of simple, unconscious marketing just by unrealizing civilians in personal conversations, blogs, tweets, chat rooms. (ie. product or company recommendations to friends; stories to family members about visits to businesses; product comparison between colleagues; recitation of a TV commercial ditty to a classmate.) If you can pick up how much people talk about your product everyday, you can tell how effective it has been.
  • How many times your product or service has been searched for in online search engines after a big marketing campaign.
  • How many times online ads for your company were clicked on and pursued.



So, why is all this important again?

It’s very important to measure your campaign’s effectiveness because, as a PR person working for a company, it is a reflection of how well you do your job and how well your methods of marketing worked. Your success or failure will show if you should continue with your methods or if you should totally revamp your marketing strategy to find something that does work so that you are being efficient, productive and frugal with your money and resources allotted to the advertising project.

You want your ideas and plans to work correctly and bring about a positive change in the current business pattern of your company or organization.

(*Note:*Although author Phillips cited her research, she failed to mention more details about her PR people whom she took suggestions down: all she gave was their names, and I was unable to track any further information down.)


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