Be Social and UNITE!!



Future journalists: looks like we need to get a Linkedin account.

I had only heard Linkedin mentioned in class and in a seminar, but with minimal details. So, for my sake and for the sake of anyone else who stumbles across this blog and doesn’t know, I did some research.

  • A professional networking site. (Source1)
  • A huge database of available professionals. (Source2)
  • Commonly misconceived as a site solely for the “professionals.” (2)
  • Allows members to “create business contacts, search for jobs, and find potential clients.” (1)
  • Enables employers searching for employees to pinpoint their ideal candidate based on very specific factors and searches. (2)
  • Insures future career growth for anyone. (2)
  • Lets a person find and be found by potential companies and recruiters (2)
  • Gives members can be a part of “LinkedIn Groups” and “LI Answers,” which give the curious, ignorant, searching and confused job-seekers the “ability to ask questions…and learn a great deal of information that can help” in his/her career. (2)
  • Was founded in 2002; site officially launched in 2003. (Source3)
  • The management team is formed by “seasoned executives” from corporations like Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, PayPal and others. (3)
  • Claims membership of more than 135 million professionals. (3)
  • Has more than 14 million student and graduate members. (Oct. 2011) (3)
  • Counts executives for all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members (Sept. 2011) (3)
  • Organizes entered introductory, descriptive and personal experience info easy categories. (2)
  • Makes it easy to establish business connections with professionals and company recruiters; the more connections, the more your profile will be viewed/found. (2)

About Isa Ramos

ME: SEU Sophomore. Writer. Editor. Reader. Event Planner/Organizer. List-Maker. Floridian by birth. 50% Spain-ish. Amateur Athlete. Aspiring Chef. Servant-Leader. Daughter of the King of Kings. LOVE: Worship; a Fresh Fruit Salad; Storms, Breezes; Seashells, Waves, Sunsets; Autumn Leaves; a Camp Fire; My Family & Friends; The Holiday Season; Sparkling Christmas Lights; Disney Fireworks. ENJOY: Grilled Cheese; Traveling; Soccer, Frisbee, Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball; Watching the World Cup; the Olympics; Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwiches; Spanish Tapas; Chocolate-Covered Strawberries; Chocolate Cake. FAV. PLACES: Home, IKEA of Orlando, Sarasota, South Dartmouth, Newport, Mallorca, Barcelona; Epcot; KOBE' Steakhouse, The Cheesecake Factory. DREAM VACATIONS: Tahiti, Bahamas, Hawaii; Alaska, Canada; Italy, Sweden, Ireland; Israel; Colorado, California, North Carolina, New York.

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