“And now it’s time to talk about what we’ve learned today.” (TOW15- Last One)


Bob and the Wiggly-Turtle-Toobees (Source)

(PS: I hope you all know that my title is created from a quote from Bob the Tomato. After every VeggieTales show is concluded and he and Larry the Cuc are standing by QWERTY (the kitchen counter desktop computer), that’s Bob’s famous line. It is always closely followed by Bob’s worst nightmare of a song: “And so what we have learned applies to our lives today; and God has a lot to say in His book…” I am a VeggieTales nerd, if you can’t tell…)

Q: Create a list of the top ten things you have learned about public relations this semester.


(*Note: the orange hyperlinked phrases lead to my other posts that discuss that topic. Enjoy!)

1) I learned that Twitter is more applicable today than I thought. The new acquaintances help network and connect you to others who are like you and then others who are very different from you. If you use this tool of expression as a way of learning about people and taking every opportunity to engage your community, you may even win a trip to Nascar or something :-).

I'm mildly addicted... (Source)

2) When reading chapter 9 of “Think: Public Relations,” I realized there is a lot of rights and copyrights and legal stuff that needs to be taken into consideration, especially with marketing! Checking to make sure you have permission with photos, images, phrases, words, logos, colors, celebs, etc. it’s a lot to remember. It almost seems restricting, but if you think if it was your stuff being used without your permission, you’d be pretty upset too!

3) Reading and writing about the differences in title, job description, and experience between a PR practitioner who works for a PR department or one who works for a PR firm.

4) I am so glad I was introduced to the wonderful world of blogging! I had no idea it was so super fun! I love to write in the first place, so any opportunity to just gush over random topics, I find to be so enjoyable and almost therapeutic for me, especially when I haven’t gotten to write in a while. I enjoy sharing things like this and then finding fun pictures and creatives titles that go along; its just a typical playground of fun for me. ;-D And then not just creating my own, but also reading others’ blogs; learning about them, what interests them and makes them tick.


5) We watched this video in class about this guy who invites these 2 professional marketers over to his studio to create 3 marketing pitches/posters for a strange taxidermy store. Little did they know that they were being set up. The studio had surreptitiously placed certain images relating to taxidermy marketing over and over again in places that they passed in the car during their drive over to the studio. When they were done creating their 3 ideas, the marketers were shocked when the host brought out the studio’s own pitch idea to compare with theirs. The pros’ ideas were almost identical to the studio’s sketch. The host informed the 2 marketers that their ideas had been unconsciously influenced by the car-ride images, which were bits and pieces of the studio’s pitch poster. Pretty cool and creepy, huh?

Taxidermy...ehhh. (Source)

This goes to show the unrealized psychological power of product, logo or image placement in movies, in commercials, in stores, in windows, in magazines. It might be oh-so subtle, but if you even see or hear anything, even just a fraction, your brain has unconsciously made a mental connection with that product.

6) Never, EVER throw live TURKEYS out of a helicopter… do your research about any assumptions you have about a marketing strategy idea you have. Check with all the authorities involved, get needed permits and make sure you run your idea passed at least one other set of eyes and ears, before you actually commence with Operation: TurkeyDrop… (Referencing the “WKRP” episode

WKRP's Mr. Carlson...(Source)

I couldn’t find the full episode but here’s the short 30-second version so you can get the gist.

Smile Now. Vent Later. (Source)

7) Then a tag-along with #6 is to be ready for out-of-the-box situations. Plan A might turn out to be a flop, so always prepare a possible emergency Plan B. A unique or sticky situation may force you to suddenly be very creative with resources. And learning how to do this while still remaining calm, cool and collected is a must.

This goes the same for extreme emotional situations. Your emotions must be put away and hidden until later. That’s why it’s so important to practice self-control and anger management now. You can add that to your mental resume‘ as one of your strengths. 🙂

8) Sounds silly, but I learned how to attach/add hyperlinks. I felt like such a pro! 😀

9) Regarding a news release: It is necessary to include “For immediate print” or write “Embargo date” plus the date that was agreed upon for release. I didn’t know about those.

10) Another thing about news releases that I didn’t know: At the end, it’s important to signal the end the page with one of the following: –###–, –END–, –XXX–, or –30–. These I have never heard about before either.

This is the END! (Source)


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