We Gotta’–We Gotta’ Let THE Light Shine!


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Some of my favorite verses in the Bible have to do with “Light.” We have:

Matthew 5 (“Be the light of the world…let your light shine before men.”);

Luke 11 (“See to it that the light inside you is not darkness.”);

Romans 13 (“Put on the armor of light.”);

Ephesians 5 (“Live now as children of light.”);

1 Peter 2 (“…praise Him who called you out of darkness and into His Wonderful, Glorious light.”)

As children we sang the Bible-school/kids church staple, “This little light of mine…” …or the more upbeat, contemporary Hillsong Kids version, “Let your light shine- ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh!”

But how real is this simple truth in our lives?

Where have we let the darkness of this world seep in, slowly and subtly?

Even though I have only been in three private Christian schools, I have sadly noticed that each year my spiritual innocence & purity has dwindled some. The Word was all I and my siblings knew and all we were allowed.

And that was perfectly fine with me. Jesus was my Life, I never desired anything–not movies, shows, inappropriate clothing, disobedient actions, video games–from the world.

Not that I am no longer in love with Jesus–that, by GOD’s AMAZING GRACE, will never be true!!–but I have noticed how I have let other things occupy my thoughts and time more than just HIM.

I have noticed when I used to go to the Word of God for satisfaction and rest, I now go to other things–mere distractions, time-wasters, and fleeting entertainment that seems to satisfy but only for a moment. And when it’s over, you end up more empty than before.

It’s too easy to look to the things of this world because they are ridiculously available. But if that’s all we fill ourselves with, that’s all anyone’s gonna ever get out of us.

If we put in a mixture of light and darkness, then a combo of faith and doubt, love and judgment, praise and murmuring, worry and patience, or truth and dishonesty is all that’s come out. And when has having opposing forces in the same situation ever worked for someone? They are bound to cancel each other out.

And it makes for a very confusing, hypocritical and contradictory personality.

Source: The Seed that Grew Blog


Now all of our actions, whether godly or sinful, are covered by Grace and Jesus’ sacrifice. Living like that just makes for a lousy witness for Jesus…

From experience, I can say: the more time and energy you give to Him, the more time you spend reflecting and meditating on His Word or basking in His Presence, the more HE will flow out of YOU. And you will find that it’ll come effortlessly!


And you will find yourself being a shining light of God’s Love, Life, Grace and Peace to people around you without even trying to.

You’ll be like the moon, which reflects the sun (or in our case, the SON) to a dark world.

Source: Eating Life Raw on BlogSpot


I meant to publish this post weeks ago.

But since I didn’t, I thought today would be quite an appropriate day to do so as a tribute to the release of Kari’s new CD on iTunes.

Source: Christian Music Zine

My favorite song so far on her new CD is “We Are”: Kinda’ a new version of “This little Light of mine…”

This first video is of Kari singing live in a studio. Its more intimate and features just single acoustic instruments.


This second one is just a recording of her voice in the original version of the song, which has more of a small orchestra sound, and includes some deep drum beats/rhythm/tempo. The video also includes the lyrics…so you can sing along!!

I think I prefer this version but I just love music that has rhythm that I can feel. But BOTH are beautiful!


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