Hello, Blogging World!

That’s me (2nd from right) with my lovely best friend (the blonde in the photo) & my two beautiful younger sisters.

My name is Isa.

That’s pronounced like <EE-Suh>.

Or as I tell everyone I introduce myself to, it’s like “Lisa” but without the “L.”

The reason that my “I” has a long “E” sound is because my dad was born and raised in the beautiful country of Spain.

(For those of you who may not understand that reasoning, well… just go ask an Hispanic/Spanish person.)

My hometown, where I’ve lived my life, is Lake Mary/Longwood, which is just 20 minutes north of the Orlando area. I’m the oldest of four children, with two younger sisters and a little brother. They are my best friends and I miss them everyday. Both of my parents are in the medical field, and also just happen to be excellent cooks, as well.

I am a first semester sophomore, majoring in Organizational Leadership with a minor in Journalism and PR.

My passions/things I’m good at include writing, organizing anything, event planning, editing, list/chart-making, delegating, some graphic design, detailed note taking, creating (not giving!) presentations, detailing, record-keeping, being in a kitchen and–I know it sounds weird, but– cleaning anything.

I’m really good a throwing a frisbee or football, however I am not very fond of the actual games of football and ultimate. I consider myself an amateur soccer, tennis and volleyball player. I love sprinting, climbing trees and I can swim in a pool or ocean for hours. As I am sure you are able to surmise from this, I love being outside, active and competitive.

I think that golf and basketball are boring, and boxing and wrestling are…pretty pointless.

Usually I think boxing is pretty pointless... but...

And I don’t follow baseball or football whatsoever, although if you were to ask me I’d say that the Boston Sox and NE Patriots are my favorite teams since my Mom and her family are from Massachusetts. I can’t tell you their scores or whether they’ve won this past year, I just like them for the reason of association with my relatives up north.

I’d rather go “stuff” shopping than clothes shopping any day. Hence why my favorite stores are IKEA, Bed, Bath & Beyond and HomeGoods. I love bags with lots of pockets, gadgets and little cool toys and tools that keep me organized.

I love thick novels. I love reading any literary genre that (like my movie genre) involves romance, biblical and/or American history, adventure, mystery, Biblical principles, some comedy and a good ending! (Bad endings should be illegal!:-) My favorite authors are Francine Rivers and Tommy Tenney, thus far– not excluding the Holy Spirit’s great work of the Inspired, God-Breathed Holy Word– the BEST “book” of all time!

I love food! Along with the Spanish culture I receive from my dad’s side, my mother has Portuguese and Irish blood. On top of that, I have about 5 chefs or aspiring chefs among my relatives. So I am VERY blessed with and very much appreciate and enjoy many delicious delicacies from all over!

My personality is, for the most part, quiet and introverted. I’m an excellent listener and a lousy public speaker. You’ll hardly get a word out of me unless I know you very well but just give me a piece of paper and pen, err, a computer and I’ll produce a novel for you. Words flow more smoothly when I’m writing my thoughts, opinions, or ideas rather than speaking them. I have yet to figure out why.

Any-who… so now you know that if you see my posts as somewhat lengthy, you just have to remember: I’m automatically programmed to make up for all the spoken words (the female count) that I don’t use up in a day with any of my written word outlets.

I’m very excited to explore this world of blogging and learn about all the ins and outs and tricks to navigating this web tool.


Below, is me in just six quick categories for simple, easy and brief perusal.


This is Me... In a "Word-le"

Just ME: SEU Sophomore. Writer. Editor. Reader. Event Planner/Organizer. List-Maker.

Floridian by birth. 50% Spain-ish. Amateur Athlete. Aspiring Chef. Servant-Leader.

English-Nerd; Amateur Photographer.

I LOVE: Worship; a Fresh Fruit Salad; Storms, Dark Puffy Gray Clouds, Breezes; Seashells,

Waves, Sunsets; an Autumn Day ; a Camp Fire; My Family & Friends; The Holiday Season;

Sparkling Christmas Lights, Evergreen; Disney Fireworks; a Thick Novel, Candles; Gadgets (Can be Tech-y or a new cool kitchen appliance).

I ENJOY: Grilled Cheese; Traveling; Soccer, Frisbee, Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball;

Watching the World Cup; the Olympics; Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwiches;

Spanish Tapas; Chocolate-Covered Strawberries; Chocolate Cake; interior decor’ design.

My FAVORITE PLACES: Home, IKEA of Orlando, Sarasota; South Dartmouth,

Newport; Mallorca, Barcelona; Epcot.

FAVORITE PLACES TO EAT: Home!, KOBE’ (Don’t get me started on the correct pronunciation!)

Steakhouse, The Cheesecake Factory, Macaroni Grill, Chili’s, The Thai Corner, Ole’ Ole’.

MY DREAM VACATIONS: Tahiti, Bahamas, Hawaii; Alaska, Canada; Italy, Sweden, Ireland;

Israel; Colorado, California, North Carolina, New York. 


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