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Eye On the Tig…errr…Cheese?


Someone showed me this video a couple of years ago:

I thought it was hilarious!

It was brilliant marketing on the part of the Nolan company!

They use familiar & catchy tunes that people will hum, sing along to and remember. They throw in an adorable mouse, a dash of comedy and a hint of drama, thus creating an advertisement that you’ll kinda’ enjoy (admit it!) and  want to see over again (you pressed ‘replay,‘ didn’t you?).

They do another one with a squirrel and nuts that I found when looking for this one, but I didn’t think it was as good.


“Mac’s #1!!” (Hey!) “…PC’s #2!!”


My parents and I were in the process of researching and choosing my first laptop. Our initial thought, like any normal rationally-thinking person, was to go with a generally reliable and decently-priced Dell or other non-Mac brand.

Why spend the big bucks for the fancy stuff when you can get the necessary basics for much less? Right?

Well, that’s we thought. But then we kept talking to people and getting different opinions.

But you know what it was that really pushed the decision through for my parents and me about which laptop to go for?

Justin Long.

Well, not Justin Long himself, per se. But his representation and hilarious dramatization of a Mac computer in those Apple commercials (You know: the “Hello, I’m a Mac,” “And I’m a PC” ones?).

My little brother looked them up that day and we just clicking from one to the next. What we didn’t realize until after is that while we were laughing, we were being told the reasons why a Mac is just better than a PC. And technically, unbeknownst to us, we were already sold.

Yeah, yeah- I know that sounds ridiculous. But after watching the several videos (readily available on YouTube), we realized what a great investment a Mac really could be.

Yes, right then it was still a massive amount of money to spend for a portable computer that was available elsewhere for much less, but it suddenly became worth it.

What the commercials did was make us aware of what we could potentially save in the future with programs, virus software, repairs, etc.

And suddenly we were buying a Macbook Pro… and on Black Friday, nonetheless.

(Hey, I even got a free printer out of the deal.)

I hope all of you have seen the humorous ads. My siblings and I still watch them just for fun sometimes because they never fail to make us laugh! Major kudos to the Apple script writer and comedic mastermind behind this advertising channel!

“PC’s got PR”

If you’ve never watched them, you really should.

Why? Because they’re funny!

All youth and the modern ideal, the cool and casual “Mac” stands next to the ever boasting, yet floundering “PC”, in his old-fashioned suit and wide-rimmed glasses set on his round face.

Apple knows how to appeal to the youth: they unconsciously tell the audience: “Get a PC and you are almost about as cool as a middle-aged, old-fashioned, very pale-white, chubby, balding man.” Hmm. Yup, that’s about right.

I included a few of my favorites below for your personal enjoyment and daily dose of giggles–err, laughter. (My apologies to the gentlemen who don’t “giggle” 🙂

“New Security System.”

“Stress Yoga.”

“Coach’s Positive Reinforcement.”

“Stressed out by your PC? Get Window’s Calming Teas.”

“PC, the Giant BeachBall.”

(Lsst One; I promise!) “PC Innovation Lab”