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Greetings: The Big Mac comes in peace….


Ok. So see all the yellowish-lime green countries?

All those countries have a McDonald’s within their borders.

Now see all the blue?

Those¬†countries don’t have any golden arches…like, at all.

None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

(It’s a bit hard to grasp. I know.)

Got it? Ok.


This is Nazareth.

No–not the city–I’m talkin’ bout the man (Over on the right…right hheerree.—>

Coincidently: the man named after that city in Israel.

And he is one of my favorite Christian comedians of all time.

Although born in Nazareth, he grew up in Kuwait and then his family moved to the states when he was 20, and boy, does he love this country.

I know, I know: What does a random Middle Eastern funny man have to do with McD’s-deprived-nations?

Well I shall tell you.

A couple years ago, I¬†saw this video (it’s below) of a comedy show routine he did where he cracks a joke about junk food (starting about 2:10 of the video) and unhealthy food joints. He says that wherever there is junk food, there is peace. He even makes mention of Burger King at around 2:45.

When I saw that map–you know, the green-blue one above?– I immediately thought of his comment.

I took another look at the map.

Sudan. Syria. Iran. Afghanistan. North Korea.

These names popped out at me this time.

I wonder: Is there really a link between peace and the availability of unhealthy junk food? Are companies like McD’s and Burger King aware of this? Have they tried to advertise and put their products in these poor turmoiled countries? And been rejected or run-off and turned away?

Is it because of the stiffness and warring (whether by savage terrorists, restricting government officials or controlling dictators) that a country never gets to enjoy the salty crispiness of golden string fries or the sweet joys of an ice-cold chocolate frosty?

How sad.

So next time you see a billboard advertising a McD’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese or a Burger King Whopper,

…instead of cursing the unrealistic tempting images…

Look to Heaven and thank God for the peace we have been gifted with.


Nuh-Uh! McD’s Would Never Deceive Me! What!?!


I think– I would hope– that we all know somewhere deep down that they do it to us… right?

The whole “appealing to the senses” thing they do? Just to get us to walk in and hand them our money for something we know doesn’t look at all like their advertisements?

It’s all a deliberate trap.

They put these images on billboards, TV commercials, magazines, the sides of 18-wheelers truckin’ down the highways past us. And they make it almost irresistible for some.

We (I say the collective “we”; I don’t prefer fast food) start drooling and make an immediate beeline for the nearest sighting of the Golden Arches.

They definitely know what they’re doing.

Looking at these pictures, I just want to laugh. I wonder: if the real pics of the products on the right were posted all over the billboards and ads, would business go down? Or are people just addicted anyway and do not care what it looks like?

(In terms of categories: this is obviously the marketing side of PR.)