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“That’s a Cheetah…a Cheetah…and [another] Cheetah.”


This is too cute.

And I mean: tooooooo cute!

And it also goes to show that logos are very important for a company name and how it’s remembered and recognized–most times its unconscious and probably more widely known than you may even realize.

But it’s a very vital part of a company’s PR, nonetheless.

It’s crucial to know: Does the public trust this symbol of a corporation? Do they know what it stands for? What do they think when they see it?

Good question.

Let’s ask Faith.

That is, Faith Ladd: a very smart and observant 5-yr old whose recognitions of several famous name-brand logos will have you smiling, if not even giggling a little bit. 

Her dad, Adam Ladd, a graphic designer, turned this “guess-the-logo” into a daddy-daughter game driving down the road with her one day. He was so fascinated by her recollections and recognitions during their car ride that he decided to record her telling him the first things she thought of when he showed her the logo.

Her statements are just too darn adorable.

I’m probably gonna be seeing cheetahs, parade elephants, beach balls and marbles from now on!

For the full story by the Huffington Post, click here.