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“Mac’s #1!!” (Hey!) “…PC’s #2!!”


My parents and I were in the process of researching and choosing my first laptop. Our initial thought, like any normal rationally-thinking person, was to go with a generally reliable and decently-priced Dell or other non-Mac brand.

Why spend the big bucks for the fancy stuff when you can get the necessary basics for much less? Right?

Well, that’s we thought. But then we kept talking to people and getting different opinions.

But you know what it was that really pushed the decision through for my parents and me about which laptop to go for?

Justin Long.

Well, not Justin Long himself, per se. But his representation and hilarious dramatization of a Mac computer in those Apple commercials (You know: the “Hello, I’m a Mac,” “And I’m a PC” ones?).

My little brother looked them up that day and we just clicking from one to the next. What we didn’t realize until after is that while we were laughing, we were being told the reasons why a Mac is just better than a PC. And technically, unbeknownst to us, we were already sold.

Yeah, yeah- I know that sounds ridiculous. But after watching the several videos (readily available on YouTube), we realized what a great investment a Mac really could be.

Yes, right then it was still a massive amount of money to spend for a portable computer that was available elsewhere for much less, but it suddenly became worth it.

What the commercials did was make us aware of what we could potentially save in the future with programs, virus software, repairs, etc.

And suddenly we were buying a Macbook Pro… and on Black Friday, nonetheless.

(Hey, I even got a free printer out of the deal.)

I hope all of you have seen the humorous ads. My siblings and I still watch them just for fun sometimes because they never fail to make us laugh! Major kudos to the Apple script writer and comedic mastermind behind this advertising channel!

“PC’s got PR”

If you’ve never watched them, you really should.

Why? Because they’re funny!

All youth and the modern ideal, the cool and casual “Mac” stands next to the ever boasting, yet floundering “PC”, in his old-fashioned suit and wide-rimmed glasses set on his round face.

Apple knows how to appeal to the youth: they unconsciously tell the audience: “Get a PC and you are almost about as cool as a middle-aged, old-fashioned, very pale-white, chubby, balding man.” Hmm. Yup, that’s about right.

I included a few of my favorites below for your personal enjoyment and daily dose of giggles–err, laughter. (My apologies to the gentlemen who don’t “giggle” 🙂

“New Security System.”

“Stress Yoga.”

“Coach’s Positive Reinforcement.”

“Stressed out by your PC? Get Window’s Calming Teas.”

“PC, the Giant BeachBall.”

(Lsst One; I promise!) “PC Innovation Lab”


Too Tedious of Social Networking? Why, Not a Problem! :-)


I found this to be somewhat humorous. It’s so true though!

What’s the easiest way to not waste time on all the sites??

Just don’t have them.

Oh the Horror! The Agony! And endless boredom! Whatever would we do with the hours in front of our computer screen?!?

(See Isa’s Note Below)**

No worries: I think we’d survive.


But we would make it. <Add hint of sarcasm and smirk here.>

It’s kinda’ like the story of the husband who came home from the grocery store, proclaiming to his wife excitedly that he saved X amount of money by taking advantage of not 1, but 5 BOGO (buy one, get one free) deals. The items purchased were not necessities, and were not even regularly family bought items, but sweets and treats. The wife looks at the frivolous (and somewhat fattening) items and replied that he would’ve saved even MORE money had he not even bought any of the items.

What’s the easiest way to save your money? Not spend it at all!

**(Isa’s Note: I sincerely apologize for the brief expletive at the very end of the video. This video in no way represents my own practices of language.)

“Weiner-Who?” (TOW4)


Weiner! Not wiener!

“Wiener who?” That, plus a weird look was the response I received when I asked my friend if she had heard of followed the news coverage of the congressman’s scandal (aka Weinergate).

I explained to my friend who this prime specimen and representation of American politics was and the reason his name became so widely talked about this summer.

For those of you who, like my friend, were not exactly up with the news and also have no idea who this guy is and what he did, allow me to fill you in a little bit.


Anthony Wiener, the democratic congressional representative of New York, was accused of having inappropriate relations and  communications through Facebook, Twitter and his phone with several women, including a…(SEU filter)…woman of questionable virtue…

People and a few of the girls he was involved that he was involved with came forward with evidence and more accusations.

Such a lovely woman...

Nancy Pelosi said  she was going to have to put his case before the Ethics Committee for a thorough investigation. Still, he held off on the truth, saying he’d face the investigation and keep his position in Congress, since he’s “innocent” and “did nothing.”

That’s what they all say.


Also, keep in mind that he just got married in July of last year (and by President Clinton, nonetheless; authorities are not even sure that’s allowed according to NY law).


His new wife, Huma Abedin, works as an aide to Hillary     Clinton and was traveling with the Secretary of  State      when this all broke out too.



These unhealthy habits and relations of his started before he got married however he continued in them afterwards.

You know one of the worst parts about the whole deal is?

It was rumored near the closing of this whole deal that his wife is pregnant. Poor kid. What a story that baby will have…


When this first broke through to the press and it began to spread like wildfire to everyone who could get a hold  of his name and use it at smear for his or her bagel that morning.


When this started, Representative Weiner had three options:

First, (what he did do): Lie, Lie, Lie and Lie again. Tell everyone that your Facebook and Twitter accounts have been hacked into, and your face has been photo-shopped onto the inappropriate pics. Then wait a week or so and THEN say, “Ok, You got me! I did it.”

I DIDN'T!! I DIDN'T DO IT! I DIDN'T--ok, I did.

If he wanted his name to be instantly known and familiar to his constituents and the rest of the world, then this was an excellent policy! If he cared anything at all about his reputation and if he never wanted his name to be part of a punch line, it was a terrible choice in the end. Dishonesty never ends very prettily.

Second, (what he did after): Continue to make excuses, and blubber like a fool at press conferences but promise that you and you team are working on it and getting help.

Lastly, (what he didn’t do): Tell the embarrassing TRUTH! Admit his poor choices and addictions (he IS human), step down with dignity, go check into a rehab facility, then come back when he’s better as a stronger, healthier and more rationally-stable person.

See, the thing about this whole deal is that I thought high-level politicians such as Wiener would have a PR mess-cleanup crew that would handle the mess discreetly and properly.

Doesn’t he have counselors and advisors and people for that kind of stuff?

I guess not.

I don’t know who was giving him his PR advice. Maybe he just chose to ignore whatever he was told to do or say.

Talk to the hand... or claw.

Or maybe the whole thing was just up to him.

Which might make sense.

Right before this scandal came out into the open, Weiner had pretty much become the strongest spokesperson for the Democratic Party, especially against the Tea Party. They kinda’ lost their best hitter.


My Blog Comments #1-3


Re: SEALLEN1’s September 13 post, “I’m too pretty to do homework”:

“I heard about this. It’s very sad because many girls of that age group are so impressionable and, as my friend commented when she heard about this, girls will often act like the shirt they are wearing. What happen to principles? Nowadays values and attitudes come from whatever t-shirt they happen to be wearing that day, not what precious values that should be in their hearts.
Shortly after JCP’s shirt, Forever21 came out with there own version: something like “Allergic to Algebra.” Of course, another outcry ensued against the store, they took the shirt out of their stock and critics were saying that they should have learned from the JCP incident.
It’s shocking that both companies would support this kind of message and sell the idea that a smart girl a) isn’t the pretty girl and b) is one of the worst things possible any pretty girl should be.”


RE: “Darth Vader Commercial” (9/20 Post) by KATELYN DRENCHEN

“I loved this! It made me laugh!  The music and the little boy’s (non-facial) reactions and body language told the whole story without any needed dialogue.
The VW people know: a cute little kid + a little humor + good music= SOLD!” (9/21)


RE: “I Just came to Dance!” (9/18 Post) By KATE HIGDON

“This was very interesting; I’ve never seen anything like this before.
 It was oddly refreshing for something coming from the fashion industry. I’ve gotten so used to almost ignoring models (while pitying them and their apparently depressing lives) all the time.
 Their appearance almost always says– no, screams– a lack of joy, life, strength and health.
 Sure, modeling might be or might have been their dream– but what’s a dream without a joy and a passion that shouts, “I’m alive and lovin’ it”?
 In my opinion, this commercial silently praises and speaks highly of the brand and agency for their break with tradition. They pretty much started to reestablish the trend, the stereotype, for advertising with models as something new and different. They showed real girls (and guys) goofin’ off and smiling– not all seriousness. They were relaxed and soft– not rigid and stiff.
 I enjoyed this vid. Thanks for showing it!
(Catchy title too– I wanted to know: what about “dancing”?
” (9/21)

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Then… Lie?!?


No offense to any Obama-supporters. Really.

I just thought this was funny.

Like with any important public figure, they’re will always be certain people waiting with a wolfish expectation for the next wrong thing, the next wrong move, the next untimely slip of the tongue. They wait, ready to pounce and tear you to pieces.

Now as this class is part journalism, there is a certain aspect of a job in this field that almost requires exposing the truth that may include going through layers of dirt. So finding something “ugly” about someone may be inevitable during journalistic research.

When I hear about something on the news or read pieces in tabloids, blogs or internet news feeds, I tend to make the involved person or persons into something bigger than they really are- a type of superhuman that has lost all vestiges of normal-ness. It sounds silly, I’m sure, but in my head, they are no longer a regular human being. They are President This or PopStar That;  Actress This or Athlete That.

 But these people ARE normal people who are simply given an opportunity and thrust into a spotlight where they come under such intense scrutiny of every little area of their lives.

I often have to remember this because I tend to be so quick to judge public figures, forgetting that they are under the severe and quite selective glare of the world’s judgment microscope. And sometimes the fragment (of the big picture) that we catch and the conclusion we make from that small snapshot is not exactly fair for them.

So many times, I think “Oh my goodness! How could they?!?!” or “I can’t believe they did that!” or “What in the world are they thinking?!”

But really I only know a fraction of the story and only see a piece of the whole puzzle. We don’t know what’s happening in their head. Most of the time, we don’t know their reasoning or circumstance behind what what they did or said. We have no idea what they’re dealing with and fighting with internally and externally. We don’t know the full extent on what they were raised to do or be.

That’s why we have grace. God had given us an over-abundance of HIS all-encompassing Grace. Who are we not to extend it to others?

Obama, as our president, has done and said many things that has angered me. And I’m so quick to judge him, even though that is CLEARLY stated in the Bible that that is the wrong thing to do.

As hard as it is for me to get into my head sometimes, there are reasons for what he does and says, including not always being entirely truthful… which is also just part of politics nowadays […which is another issue (Don’t get me started!) that I find absolutely maddening and sad.]

SLOW. To speak. To get angry. To assume. To JUDGE.

When hearing about stuff like this, I just need to learn how to slow down. Yes, he (our president) does MANY, MANY things that I’m not exactly crazy about (this is me being mildly nice in referring to anything involving President Obama), and in my opinion, he is very lost and quite misinformed about certain issues but my job is not to judge, attack and criticize the man himself, but to lift him up and under the Grace of our Lord.

For nothing (including a change of outlook for our country’s leader and a change of course for our nation) is impossible with God.

So, tell me about your Camry…


I saw this article about the new “Camry Effect,” an effort by Toyota to create a community that love their Camrys, and give them a chance to brag about what good times they’ve had with/in them.

They created an interactive website for Camry owners to share their stories on how their Toyota “changed… [and] affected their lives” (in the words of the article).

“The Toyota Camry has been in the United States the past thirty years and in those years, people have created hundreds of thousands of memories with their Camry.

From road trips, to going to college, to first dates, Camry has been there to make memories with drivers and passengers. Now, Toyota wants to put all of these memories together for the world to see how much impact the Camry has had on owners.

The Camry Effect allows old and new Camry owners to come together and share in on the one thing that unites them all, the love of their Camry.”

When I read about this, the company’s recent “sticky” break, floor mat and gas pedal problems, plus the millions of recalls they’ve had to deal with the past couple of years, immediately came to my thoughts.

Although the issues were mainly with other models, such as the Prius, the timing and the blissfully conveyed “I love Toyota” attitude of this online endeavor seemed like a choice strategy to reestablish faith and confidence in the Toyota name.

I can just see a PR person for Toyota: “I know! <Lightbulb!> Let’s talk up the wonderful Camry to get the focus off of our issues with the others.” Again: like the Prius, for instance.

I think this is very clever: Talking up your strong aspects in order to downplay your weaknesses. Now, if this IS actually the purpose of this “Camry Effect” deal, then I just made a lucky guess.

Isa’s Note: I mean absolutely no offense whatsoever to any Toyota-Lovers, Camry-Owners or Prius-Possessors, please. Just taking advantage of the PR aspect of this situation. 🙂

Camry Effect Article :

(Sorry I haven’t yet figured out how to use the hyperlink…)

I’m Sorry– Am I Rambling?


So– my first blog. I’ve finally entered the world of social networking.

I’ve never done anything like this before and am excited to see how it goes. I’m excited to learn- especially about social media and things of that nature in terms of PR. I’m good with technology in general– but really who isn’t, of this generation? in this day and age?

However, I’m still getting used to this public publishing of my thoughts, ideas and pieces of me somewhere for all to see.

It’s always a shocking fact when I tell people that I have yet to get a Facebook.

Yes, Yes. I know, I know. You can’t believe it either and wonder how I survive without one.

Well, I’ve had to live the past few years with the wisdom that I’m just gonna have to be outside of the loop about certain things. I’ve gotten really good on relying on my friends to fill me in.

So why don’t I have one?

Well, it’s partially because in the past I was forbidden by my parents to get one– as much as it has annoyed me at times, I fully realize and appreciate the wisdom of their decision. Now, there are two things holding me back from advancing into the vast world of social networking: the desire to honor and respect my parents’ desires for me and myself.

Am I “scared”?


You see, I have a habit of getting distracted very easily. I somehow tend to welcome distraction. This is because I get bored with any academic activity that I work on for more than 1 hour… Ok, who am I kidding? Let’s go with, longer than 30 minutes. And this is a problem because as a perfectionist, my work for something plain and simple may take a couple hours longer than any normal person.

Why is this?

Well its simple, really: I have an addiction to detail. And I mean, perfect detail. And it is SO time-consuming.

It’s a gift/strength that often comes back and bites me as a weakness. (By strength, I mean that I’m really good at spotting errors and making a paper or project flawless when I am given the right amount of time.)

So I’ll have an assignment that should take only an hour however for me, with my wonderful habits, takes hours. Add my slow but detailed work patterns to the fact that I get bored and want to be entertained and distracted from the inevitable of needing to finish before the deadline AND any procrastination you’d care to throw into the mix and you’ve got a bad and often maddening situation.

If you didn’t catch that I’ll make it a bit more simple:

Slow, Detailed Work + Time Spent Being Distracted + Procrastination =

A sure great recipe for panic and disaster and many, many late nights!

I'm very accustomed to drowsy late nights, wracking my brain for words, in front of a computer screen, a cup of lukewarm coffee in hand.

I’ve gotten much better this year, rejecting more distractions, saving them for a time when I can afford them. I have gained an understanding that I am a dealer of my 24 hours and that wisdom is in order on how to properly distribute and prioritize.

I’m still working on the slow-but steady work part thought. I trust that one day, this addiction for perfection will be gladly appreciated and desired in my profession. People like me are needed and greatly appreciated somewhere, I’m sure.

Anyway, my point for launching into that whole spiel is this: I’m nervous that if I take on Facebook, it will just be another distraction for me to deal with, keeping me from the things that I really should be doing (i.e. Homework, Studying, Sleeping, Jesus-time, Reading, Writing, etc.).

Sometimes I feel left out and unconnected from my friends but I’ve gotten used to it for the most part. It’s kinda’ hard every once and a while though, because I am the type of person, I like to get to know people and be aware of whats going on, and I tend to open up more behind a pen, or a keyboard (in this case), better than face-to-face.

But I believe that there is a time for everything, maybe even a Facebook.

It’s just like when I started to drive. I started practicing and driving noticeably later than all of my friends, because for the longest time I wasn’t ready. Plus I4 simply terrified me!

But there came a time when I was ready. I suddenly just knew. My time of waiting and preparing to become a driver was finished. Between the ages of 15 and 18, you grow and mature in your thinking, judgment and awareness. You go from child to adult… hopefully. 🙂

Anyway these extra years of growth brought me a new wisdom to be behind the wheel.

Now I believe that because of that acquired maturity, I have been a very good driver from the beginning. Even though I don’t have as many years of experience as my friends do, I don’t feel like I lost any opportunities because I waited and didn’t start when my friends did. (Now I’m not saying this applies to anyone but myself. At 15 or 16, I just wasn’t ready to get my permit.)

So I hold to the principle that maturity and readiness comes with time. Patience for certain things is well worth it.


Coming here to SEU, I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I hold to be truth in the depths of my being.

But that’s what’s college is for right? To finally grow up, get away from the safe umbrella of your parents and their own ideas? Now enabling you– and almost forcing you–to now be able to formulate and stand up on your own ideas and figure out who you are and what you, as your own individual, hold to be absolute in the depths of your being?

One of biggest things I’ve learned– or suddenly realized– is that time is so precious. It goes by so fast and as I said, I use up time like a Hummer guzzles up Diesel.


I’ve realized that the choices I make with how I spend my time are so important for the next day, for the week, and maybe even occasionally for later that month. I never know what’s going to pop up and surprise me, and need my time.

Creating, and keeping, good habits go hand-in-hand with the above realization. I’ve always known this to be true but with moving here on my own without my parents encouragements and daily scheduling, the gravity of this concept slapped me in the face.

I found how easy it was to get very, VERY lazy, or think that you can do it all. Making wise choices, having priorities and allotting proper time for everything important (and due!), then learning to wait for later to do the extra fun stuff, is a concept I’m still working on getting down.

But at the same time allowing for special exceptions to go enjoy yourself and your friends at the right times.

Because that’s another reason for college: having fun and making memories with people you’ve come to love.